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    Failures, can also Inspire ..

     sheopur 04/august/2018 (rubarudesk) PRATYKSHA SAXENA>> Life is all about mix phases of ups and downs, where sometimes we got all those things that we always wished for or sometimes life leave us bare handed. Life is full of struggle with different phases, which we consider either as success or failure. Failure is nothing but a condition or situation of not getting a desirable result in any state whether in our personal life or professional life. We all know that neither anyone knows about the future nor anyone is sure about what we are going to have in our coming days nor we are sure about success nor about setbacks, we all are here just to work hard & try till the last breathe.
    Whenever life traps us in some unexpected ventures or obstacles we will start calling it ‘failure’ or ‘worst time’. But, a person who loses his heart and get disappointed after failures is a lost soul, and a person who take his failures in its own strides and continue his efforts, get success in a long run. The story of King Bruce is well known to us, which need not to be described. That’s why a poet said:-
    “Ties a lesson you should heed: try, try, again !
    Till at the last you do succeed try, try, again!”

    In reality, we find that sometimes a person fails in one particular field but succeeds in some other field simply if he is keep trying or working on his positive points. Each one of us can face failures at different stages of life whether in studies, career, profession or in personal relation but if we loses hope of betterment than we can never reach at the height of success. Because this is our failures that internally push or force us to ask about our mistakes, to encourage us to take another step or to try for one more time, it is our failures that make us stronger and more successful, if we let it be to happen. Failure builds & teaches us more than a success ever could.

    If we talk about facts we came to know about the 3 ‘Stages’ of ‘Failures’:-
    ·         Failures of Tactics.
    ·         Failures of Strategy.

    ·         Failures of Vision.

    “Everytimes it’s not about the good
    times that always inspire us, sometimes
    the bad times and experiences like
    failures can also inspire us to work
    hard for the growth in life we just need
    to accept these failures and have to work to change these phases”.

    Ways to overcome the dark phase of ‘Failure’

    Each of us today is going through some difficult or strenuous time in life, where we think that disappointment or discouragement is the only things that left in-front of us, and makes our mind-set that a failure is the last option we have. But, having a failure is not as big as we think of it, failure is also a reality of life, just like a success or wining. Many of us know that facing a failure is not a problem that made us mental sick or depressed. It is the fear of failure that forces us to lose hope and de-motivate us internally.
    But somewhere at the depth of our heart, we know that it actually help us to grow, or inspire us to try something beyond our limits, but still no one like to fail or no one like to accept that failures. We just only have to “rejuvenate our energy”, to accept all those mistakes and failed decisions that we have already taken and after that have to work on our all those weakness and negatives points.
    ”Just like every little thing can inspire anyone even failures also became the reason of inspiration for the future success”.
    Here we have some common ways to overcome this dark phase of failure:-                                                            
    •        Do not make it personal, separate it from your identity      
    • ·        Take stock, learn from your past, adapt it, and again start working on it.
    • ·       Do not get obsessed with your failures because we cannot change the things that have already happened  but we can surely shape up the future.                            
    • ·        Do not let yourself dependent on other’s approval for doing something.
    • ·        Do not get afraid in trying something new or shifting your point of view to another field.
    •  “Surely, all these ideas and facts look unrealistic or imaginary but if we choose to walk till the end without getting interrupted from the barriers of failures then one day we will definitely reach to that highest peak of success.”

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